EyebrowLab Academy

My road to become a Master

Working as a make-up artist for 12 years in one of the most prestigious brand inspire me to become an eyebrow artist.

In 2016, I joined an intense course of Microblading class in Amsterdam headed by the 2 talented Slovenian masters Maya Lipovec and Bojan Joncic of Elite Beauty academy.

Early 2017, I established my salon and called it Eyebrowlab. Offers microblading to people having difficulties on the shape and forms on their eyebrows. Business is really doing good and I established my clienteles. I realised that giving strokes to the eyebrows is not enough as some clients is asking for more, like eyebrows more fuller, definer and more volume looking. Later on, I attended more courses and perfection trainings and through the years in the business, Eyebrowlab also offers different techniques such us shading, powderbrows and nanobrows.

As I catered over a thousand of clients, I have encountered a very a happy clients and also some people were not really happy about the result of my work, that is part of the game right? You cannot please everybody! but at least you find a way to improve and become more worthy as what you are. I have had also some mistakes and corrections to be done in the past, and those mistakes had later shaped me to what I am today.

In 2020, I have acquired a title as official trainer of Elite Beauty academy in Netherlands. Understanding how it will be a long term effect of permanent make up on the eyebrow, a better knowledge of which needle or pigment to use to achieve a satisfying result, not only in short term but in the long run, and the most effective to technique to achieve an overall happy customers.

I have a very good online course for PMU beginners and microblading artists aspirants. This course has engaging activities to follow and made a good exercises to better understand the world of permanent make up.

Edson Gonzales