Welcome to Level 5

Welcome to level 5
In this level, execute the skeleton of the downward connection pattern on latex. Follow the instructions in the video to create the brow on

Drawing the skeleton with pencil on latex
1. Draw the brow shape on latex using the Beauty Angels Golden Ratio Compass. Draw the outline with pencil so it can be easily cleaned off
2. Next, draw the spine for the downward connection pattern. This is the first step in creating the skeleton.
3. Continue by drawing skeleton’s lower and upper hair strokes. Remember that the hair stroke should not be straight but have slight curves
and bends to them.
4. Add a short connection stroke.
5. Add your front head strokes.
6. Add three upper strokes to skeleton. The upper skeleton strokes do not connect to the spine.

Going over your skeleton with pigment
(Follow along in the video beginning at 2:15)
Now that the skeleton is drawn out, go directly over what is drawn to form the skeleton.
1. Using the PMU Pen Pro, begin the first pass over the lines that are drawn with a pencil on latex. Remember that the spine and skeleton are
always the heaviest and darkest part of the brow.
2. Do a second pass over each skeleton hair stroke, thickening each stroke at the connection points carefully, and creating tapered pixelation
at the end of each hair stroke.
3. Begin the third pass to perfect any areas of the strokes that may be lighter in saturation and uneven. Everything should flow and be evenly